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Mount Gambier High School

In response to the recent 7-day lockdown in South Australia, Four Reasons Why supported the Mount Gambier High School Flexible Learning options program by providing 15 x $50 Coles vouchers to youth in need. Youth Workers distributed the vouchers to vulnerable students and their families to purchase essential grocery items.

Following the death of a family member under tragic circumstances, Four Reasons Why provided a student with $250 worth of Kmart vouchers to assist them in the purchase of essential items. The journey to independence for vulnerable and at-risk young people can be complex, even more so when forced in crisis. The support of Four Reasons Why has allowed a reprieve for this young person during a crucial time in their life.

Violet's Story

My mum was in hospital in Adelaide and my Nana had already spent a lot of money helping us to travel backwards and forwards to see her. When she wasnt able to keep supporting us the school tried about 8 different organisations around South Australia to see if they could help us out. It seemed that there was no one that could help, until they contacted Four Reasons Why. Four Resons Why offered travel and accommodation assistance, as well as a voucher to help my buy some groceries. With their support, I was able to stay in Adelaide right across from the hospital and visit my Mum every day for a whole week. Words can’t describe how happy we were. Mum said that having me there “was like medicine” so I knew that being there helped her recover quicker. My family are very grateful to Four Reasons Why for helping us out during a difficult time, when no-one else would.

Violet, 18 years old.

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