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A brighter Christmas
Melaleuca Kindergarten

For many of us Christmas is a time of excitement and celebrations and for buying gifts for our loved ones, however with the families from our kindergarten Christmas time was different, a difficult time for many of them, creating much stress financially and they are often in tears telling us that they do not have the extra money to buy gifts for their children and they fear the magic of Christmas and Santa visiting will disappear.

Gifts are often purchased from the second hand stores and they often looked though the donation boxes in our community hub to find toys and clothing they could give as gifts. Sadly brand new toys, clothing were seen as a luxury they simply could not afford.

With thanks to 4RW amazing ,generous and caring supporters our families have been given a reason to enjoy Christmas again, donations of new gifts and clothing for the children and special gifts for their Carers lifted their spirits and ours too, we were delighted to pass the donations on to families and shed many tears of relief with them when they realised that their children would not miss out and they were also overwhelmed that they were thought of too, meaning that they could all share a family festive Christmas after all, with food hampers from food bank and toys, clothing and restive treats all donated by the wonderful supporters and sponsors of 4RW they all had a reason to smile again.

Many asked why me? We replied because you matter and your community cares.

Donna and I have worked alongside the disadvantaged families in our community for many years and we know just how important it is to know that other people care and that organisations such as 4RW values families and they were all so over joyed that they were receiving new toys, clothing and treats as a lot of the time when disadvantaged families ask for help they often get the second hand pickings.

Donna and I were also so overwhelmed at the generosity and true heartfelt caring donors we met through 4RW, they were all so generous and wanted to share in the joy and magic of Christmas.

Sharon Devlin, Director – Melaleuca Kindergarten